2016 Rethreaded Annual Report June 19 2017, 0 Comments

As we finalized our annual report this year, I realized that it is my six year anniversary of starting Rethreaded. I remember making the final decision to leave my job. I was taking a huge leap of faith, believing that somehow this crazy idea that started on a napkin could come to life. I knew that it was going to be hard, but I also knew that Rethreaded had the possibility to really change lives.

We have had an amazing year. We have grown over 43% in revenue and doubled the number of survivors we employ. We have provided over 28,000 hours of work. We have moved four women into leadership roles. Since enacting the Survivor Development Program, we have had a 100% retention rate. When I read over these numbers and stats of our past year, I am filled with emotion.

I am in awe, yes, of the numbers and our growth, but I am more in awe of what is happening deep in the hearts of our survivors.
They are achieving more than they ever thought possible.

These numbers mean that last year I got to walk into our first survivor-lead home party at the warehouse and watch our employees rock it. It means being able to see the joy of one of our employees being reunited with her child. It’s taking the time each Tuesday to recognize each other for the hard work of the past week. These numbers mean that at Rethreaded we can notice when a co-worker isn’t doing well, take the time to ask them the hard questions and walk with her until she is strong again. They mean when a woman does hit a crisis, there is someone to call and help walk her through it. It is watching women choose what is best for themselves and choosing the path of long-term healing. It means our employees are being made strong again. It means that our employees say...

“I am strong enough to make a difference in my community.”

“I am strong enough to stand for my true identity again.”

“I am strong enough to have a relationship with my family again.”

“I am strong enough to live again.”

“I am strong enough to know I am valuable.”

“I am strong enough to love being a mother again.”

“I am strong enough to be an advocate on a national level.”

“I am strong enough to believe, that in my heart of hearts, that I am worth being loved.”

We are so thankful to have each of you help make possible that which initially seemed impossible. Lives are being transformed here.

I am asking for your continued support as we create opportunities for people to be who they are created to be and give survivors the chance to live a new story. We invite you to continue to be a part of her freedom story.

With Hope,
Kristin Keen

Why Do Men Shop at Rethreaded? June 12 2017, 0 Comments

At Rethreaded we have many meaningful connections with men in our community. We started to wonder why these men choose to spend their time volunteering, advocating for and shopping at Rethreaded and supporting a cause so heavily focused on empowering women. Instead of theorizing, we just decided to ask. The answers blew us away and reminded us of the amazing community we are surrounded with. You will be inspired by their passion!

“I shop at Rethreaded to promote career growth and opportunity for women; provide meaningful gifts that the recipient will appreciate; and to be a positive example for my daughters.”

- Joel Chamberlain CPA Rethreaded Board Treasurer

“I shop at rethreaded for my wife because I love her. I want her to know she is beautiful and deserves the very best. I want to shower her with the love and unique, handcrafted quality that comes from women liberated to pursue a passion and create something beautiful. I shop at rethreaded because I love what they do, who they are and what they can become - not just locally, but globally. I shop at rethreaded because love wins. Because it's beautiful. Because it keeps fighting and growing and living and creating. I shop at rethreaded because I want to fuel that fire, to support it and watch it thrive to be a light in the dark.”

- Jesse Bibbee Rethreaded Advocate

“Rethreaded has such a strong and ambitious mission, that does so much good. This mission relies heavily on the support of the community. Shopping at Rethreaded makes me proud because I know that my purchases directly affect their objective. Also, it is a great feeling gifting awesome products made by strong women to the strong women in my life!”

- Jesse Brantman Rethreaded Photographer

I shop at Rethreaded because they have achieved the rare “triple whammy” in the business world. (And I did say “business,” not charity or non-profit on purpose!) Rethreaded produces products that people want, with extremely high quality, and do it with a powerful social conscience. They are truly doing God’s work and I am happy and proud to be associated with them.”

-  Michael Kane Rethreaded Advocate

"I shop at Rethreaded as a way to take positive action against injustice both locally and globally. I enjoy knowing my resources are in direct opposition to the money spent on exploitation of women around the world."

-Noah Marks Rethreaded Advocate

Find your reason to shop at Rethreaded today.

3 Fun Things to do with Dad on Father's Day June 08 2017, 0 Comments

Father’s Day is coming quickly and we all want to make that day just so special for pops! Instead of getting Dad another tie or coffee mug let's make plans that he will love and always remember. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Get the day started off right

Who doesn't like a warm cup of coffee in bed? We'll bet your dad will really appreciate this gesture. We partner with Social Grounds Coffee company to bring you single-origin, survivor-made coffee. Each roast of coffee we offer has its own distinctive flavor. Help pops find his favorite!


2. Go on an adventure

Is Father's Day right in the middle of the best month for adventuring by accident? We think not! Celebrate summer and dad’s day and take him somewhere cool. Don’t forget to bring all the essentials if you’re planning to be outdoors! Pack bug spray, sunscreen, yummy snacks and maybe a bluetooth speaker to listen to his fav tunes! Surprise him with this Messenger Bag full of everything the two of you will need to enjoy the day together!

3. Let dad know how much he really means to you

Spend some time writing to dad and let him know how much he has impacted and influenced your life. Jot down some of your best memories from childhood and family vacations. Life can get so busy that we miss opportunities to find gratitude in the simple things. Don't let these moments pass you or him by. Take this opportunity to write him a letter in a Mini Journal. He can carry with him where ever he goes and take his own time in reflection or record new memories. 

Comment below on how you plan on spending the day with your dad!

5 Reasons We Want Men to Be Involved at Rethreaded May 31 2017, 0 Comments

At Rethreaded we talk a lot about women’s empowerment and creating a community that fosters grace and healing for women coming out of hard and broken circumstances. But you might have also heard us say that our mission at Rethreaded isn’t just a women’s issue but an us issue. This month we want to explain why we want and need men to be involved in this fight with us.

1. We want men to experience empowerment and live healthy lives, too!

As much as we want to see women experience healing and empowerment in their lives, our hope is that men would be able to find that same experience when engaging with Rethreaded. We understand and acknowledge that men face insecurities and struggle with self-esteem and identity issues alongside women. It is a part of the HUMAN experience. At the core of what we do, we counter these negative views of ourselves and believe that anyone can experience freedom.

2. Nearly 50% of Americans are men. (According to the U.S. Census)

So if men represent nearly half of us, it means they represent at least 50% of the buying power in America, also. At Rethreaded, our call to our audience is simple, shop and you can change the world! Whether you are buying a gift for your partner, for yourself, or for your clients and employees, you are choosing to make a positive impact in the lives of others. You are setting the example for your family, your community and business that how we choose to spend our earnings matters. 

3. Men are influential leaders.

According to the Pew Research Center, women make up only 5.4% of CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies and average about 19% of government representative positions like State Legislators and the U.S. Senators. Because of the prevalence of male leadership, we believe men have an incredible power to make a difference. A cultural shift is happening in our city and the work at Rethreaded is making an impact, but we need men to stand in solidarity with us and influence change in their professions and leadership positions.

Sheriff Mike Williams took a stand earlier this year when he said the following during a press release about human trafficking in Jacksonville,  "It's a different way to look at prostitution, quite frankly, and a really easy question you could be asking yourself is, 'Who really wants to be out there doing that?', and when you think of it that way it allows you to see more than potentially there is an organization here or there is someone here who is trafficking a person. In terms of our organization that's the shift, that we've been looking at. So again more of a focus on prostitution being the first sign of human trafficking and working cases that way."

4. Men are vulnerable to get caught in the cycle of the sex trade.

While many victims of sex trafficking are women and girls, the Polaris Project reported that there were 978 reported human trafficking cases that involved men as victims. On the other side of that statistic, according to Shared Hope International, 99% of buyers are men. We understand that the pathways into selling or buying sex are broken, so to say that sex trafficking is a women’s issue leaves out some big statistics. We believe that men offer a unique and needed perspective to speak into the lives of men and boys caught on either side of the sex trade.

5. It is important to show survivors they can have healthy relationships with men.

In our experience with the survivors we employ, most have difficult relationships and views of men in general. Understandably so, but we also see this desire for forgiveness and reconciliation in these women as well.

At Rethreaded, we have many community partnerships that include men. The involvement of these empowered men has helped many of our women to understand and appreciate men in a new, positive light. Just by choosing to shop at Rethreaded or attend a community event may have a greater impact than you may realize.

To make a difference in our community, our state and our country, we must come together in the spirit of collaboration, men and women, with the purpose of breaking the cycle and ending exploitation.

Happy Memorial Day! May 29 2017, 0 Comments

"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself."

Joseph Campbell

An Interview with our State Attorney May 25 2017, 0 Comments

As I walked into the State Attorney’s Office I felt my hands starting to shake. Growing up, I saw state attorneys as bad people; I thought they only tore families and communities apart; I thought that the were curt and cold people whose goal was to hand out as much jail time as possible.

Walking into the lobby I was kindly greeted by two security guards and went through a security check in. Once completely checked in, I sat in the waiting area listening for my name to be called out. Sitting there, I began to think about my experience with the court system. I remembered the time I spent in jail. I remembered all the court hearings I attended in shackles, fighting for my freedom. I looked around the waiting room in disbelief. I thought to myself “I’m on the other side now.” I wasn’t going there as an inmate, victim, or criminal. I was going there as a professional. I was going there to interview our State Attorney...  


Alyssa: What is one thing people don’t know about you?

Melissa: I am a private person. Getting in front of big crowds scares me. But I have found solace in in the fact that I believe in my message. I think it’s easier to step out, even if you are nervous when you are passionate about what you are advocating for.

A: What is something you wish you knew more about?

M: I want to know about influential women in history. I just started reading this book on Margaret Thatcher and it’s absolutely captivating. I wish I had more time to read and to learn, there really is so much I want to know about. I think being curious is important, so I’ll continue to be curious.


A: What inspires you?

M: My children. My husband. The people that I meet here every day who suffer tragic loss, the lawyers I work with.

A: How would you say being a woman has affected your career?

M: I’m still frequently one of a few women in the room. I was in a meeting earlier today, with probably a couple dozen men, and I was one of two women. So by virtue of being a woman I bring a different perspective to the table. It is so important to have different perspectives, more voices and different voices.


A: What are some common misconceptions about your job?

M: I think people assume that our sole focus is punishment, but our job is far more complex and broader than just that. Our job is to enforce the rule of law, but the ways in which we reach just results are myriad and nuanced. Getting the right result is always our goal and the right result can be very different case by case.

A: Who are some women in your life that have influenced you?

M: My mother has three sisters, and my dad, one. I have two sisters and I have a rockstar grandmother who if were here [in the room] would be the life of the party. These women -- my grandmother, my mother, my sisters, and aunts -- have been paramount in shaping me into the woman I am today. They have given me the confidence to be true to what I believe. They have influenced my life.


A: What lead you to become a State Attorney?

M: When I was a little girl I loved mystery novels. My dad spent his entire career in law enforcement and I was always fascinated by his work. So when I went to law school I knew I wanted to be an assistant state attorney. I wanted to be a trial lawyer and to work in the field of criminal law. My first job out of law school was working at the State Attorney Office and I thought I would stay my entire legal career, but in 2009 I left to work in private practice. My plans changed, but it was one of the best moves I ever made because I now have a much broader perspective from representing clients. And then the opportunity to run for this office arose. I care about this community and it seemed to me that justice was in imbalance. I wanted to bring balance back. I had the background and relevant experience to seek the job and the passion to lead change. Luckily, I had the community’s support. And now, I am surrounded by a great team.

A: What drives your passion for being involved in the anti-trafficking movement?

M: First, it’s you, the survivors. You all are the most influential in this movement. I Mac Heavener, who is now one of my chief assistants, was prosecuting a trafficker in federal court when I was in private practice and asked me to get involved to represent the young woman who was the victim. That’s where I started to learn about trafficking. I have been inspired by the work Rethreaded does. Mukti was so compelling, the stories of survivors were stirring and hopeful. Because of the work that is being done we are already seeing changes. A mindset shift is being forged as to how we look at girls and women caught in the the cycle. It’s amazing.


A: Why is it necessary for Jacksonville to take part in the anti-trafficking movement and what are you doing to spearhead this effort?

M: Because human trafficking is happening right here. It’s all around and people are suffering. And trafficking intersects with so many different criminal issues. We have to help in ending this cycle. So our role in this movement is being part of changing the mindset. We have dedicated a prosecutor to work in a special division and she is focused solely on human trafficking cases. She is involved in ongoing investigations; she is plugged in with our law enforcement partners and with our nonprofit partners. She is currently researching what we hope to spearhead here in Jacksonville, which is a diversion program for women identified as victims of trafficking. If we can appropriately identify those women and girls who are victims and help them break the cycle, we will have better outcomes for those individuals and our community.

A: Why is it important for people to support organizations like Rethreaded?

M: Because of Rethreaded’s track record. At Mukti, we listened to the stories of success of women who have made it to the other side and who have done so because of Rethreaded’s work. Rethreaded is changing lives, and not just the lives of the women who work there, but also, of the network of people connected to those women. Rethreaded is giving women opportunity and importantly they are giving them the ability to know their value. This is one of their greatest gifts that anyone can receive. 

People tend to judge others based off of their personal experiences with them. It’s easy to get caught up with misconceptions and blame people for things they’ve done. Even if they’re just doing the right thing or doing their job. As I’ve walked along my journey, my views of certain people have shifted from negative to positive.

Melissa Nelson has shown me that not everyone is who they are made out to be. She is not all the negative words I used to affiliate her job title with. She is a powerful woman. An influential woman. She is my hero. As I walked out the state attorney’s office, I held my head high. I walked out with confidence and pride knowing that this is the woman who is changing things in our community.  

This blog is part of our Influential Women Blog Series. To learn more, check out the rest of the series.

Meet A Rethreaded Model

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A Moment With a Few of Our Moms

3 Ways To Be An Empowered Woman

5 Gifts To Inspire Mom

Meet a Rethreaded Model May 23 2017, 0 Comments

At Rethreaded we LOVE doing style shoots because they give us the opportunity to engage with an empowered group of community members who want to give back. All of our models graciously volunteer their time and talents to us and rock the Rethreaded brand so well! We caught up with Kristen to interview her about her recent experience modeling with us this spring.

Q: When you’re not modeling for Rethreaded, how do you spend each day?

A: I work for a mortgage service company. I really enjoy my job and just got a promotion! I also really enjoy music. I have been playing the guitar for over 10 years and I love to go see artist play live. 

Q: Have you ever modeled before?

A: I have some friends who are photographers and I have the opportunity to photographed by them but I have never done anything official, nothing that has been for a business or published.

Q: How did you first hear about Rethreaded?

A: I actually have a couple friends who work for Rethreaded. I think I really first heard about it at the church I attend, but my friends really told me the purpose of the company. I really could relate to the women Rethreaded seeks to empower, especially since I myself have had sexual exploitation in my past. I really do understand how important it is to have an organization focused on providing economic empowerment to women.


Q: What does it mean to you to represent the Rethreaded brand?

A: For me, it’s just so personal. It means that I get to represent a brand that is giving new life to women who have experienced what I have. It means that I get to be a part of that empowerment.

Q: Are there any other ways that you empower women in your life?

A: Before last year, before coming to know God, I was stuck in a place where I didn’t know my worth and value, but things changed when I began meeting people who were willing to meet me where I was at and be vulnerable with me by sharing their stories. It really changed my life and perspective. Through those examples, I just knew I wanted to be that person for other women. So that’s what I do today. I am able to connect with women on deep levels, listen attentively and extend love and compassion. I also have my story to share with them. To me that is empowerment.


Q: Who is a woman who inspires you?

A: Definitely my mom. I know that’s a cliche answer, but she really does inspire me. She started her life with nothing and she has been able to grow in her choice of career and become a strong and independent woman. She has such compassion towards people and such a capacity to love and help.  

Q: So overall, how was your experience the day you came to model for Rethreaded?

A: I was really excited when I first got the message but I was also very nervous. Even as I have gone through the healing process I still struggle with self-esteem issues. Sometimes I think if I looked like this girl or that girl that somehow my life would be better. Over the years my weight has fluctuated and I was never quite happy with where I was at. I understand now though it’s more about loving myself. Even when the first outfit I tried on didn’t fit, I felt discouraged at first but was able to dismiss the societal standards of beauty and be comfortable in my own skin. Everyone was so encouraging at the shoot and I truly believe that by being there I am able to show other women you don’t have to be super tall or super skinny to be seen as beautiful in this world. It has all been a process but I am happier now than I have ever been.

Q: When you got to see the finalized pictures from the shoot, what did you think?

A: The photos really exceeded my expectations. I was at work and I ran around my office showing everyone. I received so many compliments. I really felt like it boosted my self-esteem and it made me glad that I worked through my nerves to come. Jesse and Lexi are so talented, Ari Gaskin was so great to work with and of course I just loved having my hair and makeup done by Tina Jarvis. The whole team really made this possible and I am really grateful that I got to be a part of the experience

Q: What’s your favorite product?

A: After the shoot I bought a new wallet and have used it every day since but my all time favorite is the Grace Scarf. It’s just such a signature piece and iconic of the Rethreaded brand.

After interviewing Kristen, we at Rethreaded were reminded that alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. We are grateful to all our community partnerships and individuals which make the Rethreaded brand great and supports a community for women to come to know their worth and value. 

This blog is part of our Influential Women Blog Series. To learn more, check out the rest of the series.

Hot Spot Power Yoga: Using Business For Good

A Moment With a Few of Our Moms

3 Ways To Be An Empowered Woman

5 Gifts to Inspire Mom

Hot Spot Power Yoga: Using Business For Good May 18 2017, 0 Comments

We love our community partners! The Owner of Hot Spot Power Yoga, Leah Hansen, is using her business to make a difference. She shared with us how she and her team have been impacted through supporting Rethreaded and how they have grown in the process.

Our intention of creating a campaign to benefit Rethreaded at Hot Spot Power Yoga was two-fold.

  1. Team members would get to step into leadership and in service to our community.
  2. We’d get to invest in Rethreaded to make a bigger impact in the Jacksonville community.

Rethreaded was an access point to be bigger than what we could be in the studios alone. What happened was powerful and beyond what I thought would be possible. I got to know a side of our teachers that I had not known before. Their hearts got bigger and their willingness to step into a more powerful seat as a leader and change-maker in the community became more evident! The more I asked them to be a bigger contribution the more I found that they WANTED to. Now I know that we, as a community, can partner more powerfully to lift up Rethreaded and bring more awareness to empower these women and so many more out there to know that there is a community here in Jax that wants to embrace them and lift them up to be their biggest, best self. I am left with a full heart for this work and we can't wait to do it again!    -Leah Hansen, Owner of Hot Spot Power Yoga

The Hot Spot Power Yoga community shares their experiences with us:

I wanted to support Rethreaded, to be of service to my community and global sisterhood. It was an empowering experience to show up for the community in creative ways and be part of something bigger than myself. ~Kintu Makanji

Rethreaded's passion and proven ability to create a place of security and enabling a future for these women by providing life skills is their vision for others, and it rocks! I look forward to working with Rethreaded again and again. 

P.S. Their products rock! My pup and I both love our Rethreaded products!  -Kelly Pennington

I heard about Rethreaded a few years back at a friend’s house where she hosted a pop-up shop. When I heard their mission I knew I wanted to do more. When Karina reached out to me about joining the Rethreaded team for Hot Spot I knew this was my sign! -Jamey Williamson 


I chose to support and get involved with Rethreaded because I love what they do! Rethreaded creates jobs, training, connection, freedom AND amazing products.   -Denise Peterson

It makes me feel empowered to be of service and it showed me that my ideas plus hard work can make a difference too! I'm so thankful I got to be a part of this amazing cause!!! -Brittany Peeler

I knew of Rethreaded and what they are up to, but it wasn't until I attended a party and watched the documentary that it hit me. I have a VOICE and I need to use it to share Rethreaded's mission with our community. The Hot Spot Power Yoga community rocked my world with their generosity and commitment to raising money and spreading the word about what WE ALL can do to make a difference. -Karina Hahn

We love seeing people become empowered and passionate about coming together to effect change in our community! 

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

This blog is part of our Influential Women Blog Series. To learn more, check out the rest of the series.

Meet a Rethreaded Model

A Moment With a Few of Our Moms

3 Ways To Be An Empowered Woman

5 Gifts to Inspire Mom

A Moment With a Few of Our Moms May 12 2017, 0 Comments

Happy Mother's Day to all you hard working moms! Thank you for everything you do and everything you mean to us. You are our superheroes, best friends, and a whole lot more. Enjoy this day of celebration, and remember, Rethreaded would not be the same without YOU! We want to share with you on this day some cherished moments and great victories of just a few of our Rethreaded moms!


(Haley Wright Photography)

If you know Rethreaded, you know that Grace is a constant notion in our office. Not only does it circulate through our staff, but it circulates into our families as well. Just ask our Operations Associate, Kansas: “Rethreaded has taught me to show grace, and show grace to my children”.

Kansas is a proud mother of a son and two daughters, who are a constant light in her life. Being a mom, she feels it is important for her to pass on the grace and knowledge Rethreaded has given her, in hopes that they may have a bright future too. That’s why she shared her children’s favorite Disney princess video with the Rethreaded staff at our morning meeting this previous week. Kansas shared with us how this video inspires both her and her daughters to dream big, and hope for a brighter future, just as she has learned to do since being at Rethreaded. “Rethreaded makes me want to be a better mother, and to show my kids that anything is possible”.


Being familiar with Rethreaded, you also know how important collaborative teamwork is in our office environment. Production Associate Carrie holds this mentality dear in her life with her son as well. To describe her relationship with her son, Carrie says “We’re just a cool little team”. No matter what the duo may be doing, they do it as an ensemble: “We do everything together-meetings, parks, shopping”. She cherishes her time with her son, who loves to support his mom with hand-drawn photos and tickles before bed. What is important in her relationship with her son transcends the borders of home and work with the community environment found at Rethreaded.


At Rethreaded, we always hold a family mentality, as together is always better. This Mother’s Day is especially memorable for Operations Associate Ossie in this respect. When talking with Ossie, she told us that, “because of Rethreaded, I gained custody of my son, which will make this my first Mother’s Day with my son in my home in over four years.” Nothing can be said to make that statement any more perfect, and we are merely happy to share this Motherly moment with our readers.

And just remember dear friends, that every day when you support Rethreaded or wear your Grace Scarf, you are continuously celebrating these Moms, and everything that comes with her freedom story. So thank YOU for helping Rethreaded grow in grace.

This blog is part of our Influential Women Blog Series. To learn more, check out the rest of the series.

Meet a Rethreaded Model

Hot Spot Power Yoga: Using Business For Good

3 Ways to Be An Empowered Woman

5 Gifts to Inspire Mom


3 Ways To Be An Empowered Woman May 11 2017, 0 Comments

From the Founder and President, Kristin Keen:

Let’s build a company using donated T-shirts. Maybe, we can employ survivors of the sex trade right here in the U.S.? Let’s have women running the company and let’s start a corporate gift line. Why not?

Through this journey, I’ve had many people come alongside my craziest dreams and say,

“Yes, we believe in this idea!”

“Yes, we believe that the impossible can happen!”

“We believe that you, Kristin, have the capacity to take this on!”

That encouragement reinforced my belief in the possibility of those dreams becoming a reality. One of the most empowering times in my life has been watching Rethreaded grow. To see an idea that was in my head come to life and to be an integral part of changing lives.

One of the most empowering times in my life has been watching Rethreaded grow -- to see an idea that was in my head come to life and to be an integral part of changing lives.

And that is what I want to create for other women, the opportunity to have an idea and a vision for their lives and be empowered to go after it. I want this not just for survivors, but for all women!

Here are three things I know to be true to become an empowered woman: 

1. Women need to know who they are.

As a woman, you are inspiring! You have so many amazing qualities! You are capable, captivating, intellectual, empathetic, gifted (to name a few). You are empowered to change the world in whatever role you play! Whether at home or in the business world, you have value that surpasses understanding.

2. You have to know what you are passionate about.

Your skills, dreams, abilities and gifts make you unique! Whether you have a love for organizing, editing or leading, your voice, presence, encouragement and passion make you needed! Find out what those things are. How can you combine who you are with what you are passionate about? How can you use that? Go after it!

3. You need a plan -- how can you take your passion and turn it into your plan?

Once you know these things start writing, start brainstorming. There is something magical that happens when you put pen to paper- the idea for Rethreaded was written on a napkin! Talk with people who have passion that aligns with yours. Just start and you could be surprised by what comes after!

Learning to use your gifts with confidence can be challenging but what we thought was impossible is being done every day! I want women to have freedom in what they choose and to be confident in their decisions. I want women to know their identity. So when a woman comes to me with an idea with passion, confidence and a plan I will be that person that says, “I believe in you, I believe that YOU have the capacity to take this on”. I believe that the impossible can happen. When these things come together, that is empowerment.

This blog was part of our Influential Women Blog Series. To learn more check out the rest of the series.  

A Moment With a Few of Our Moms

Hot Spot Power Yoga: Using Business for Good

Meet a Rethreaded Model

5 Gifts to Inspire Mom