A Conscious Company for a Conscious Consumer April 11 2017, 0 Comments

We strive to be a conscious company for conscious consumers because we know that EVERY item that is purchased makes an impact on the world. Either you can make a positive or a negative influence, you have the power to choose.

At Rethreaded we make this choice by ensuring each company we partner with and each item we make meets at least one or more of these five criteria:


When materials are upcycled they are repurposed and turned into something beautiful instead of taking up space in a landfill. At Rethreaded many of our items are made from materials like t-shirts, saris and soon leather seat covers. When you rock our Grace Scarf or write your hopes and dreams in a Sari Notebook, you are supporting a culture that values the world we live in and are decreasing waste.


Fair Trade

When you buy Fair Trade you are ensuring that the item you purchased is made and sold with respect to a person’s working conditions, wage, economy and the environment. Item’s like our Rwandan Survivor-Made Coffee and Tree of Life Coasters prove that there can be greater justice in this world and that valuing people first isn’t out of reach in any system.



Products made by survivors create economic empowerment through employment. We believe that employment is key in breaking the cycle. It’s why our business model relies on selling items like Threads for Hope Bracelet which fund our three-month training program for new hires. It is why we import from companies all over and sell items like Lavender Candles made by survivors in Nashville, Tenessee who are finding new life through employment at a company called Thistle Farms.



Supporting local businesses isn’t just good for the local economy it also enhances the local community and character. Rethreaded wouldn’t be what it is today without the community’s involvement and in that way we also want to give back. Whenever possible we source our raw materials from other local companies like Social Grounds Coffee and Eco Relics and believe these partnerships add incredible value to our brand and community. We have also saved taxpayers nearly $250,000 by decreasing recidivism over the last five years. We have watched the immeasurable good of families reunited and are investing in and offering women healing and careers with the Survivor Development Program



Sustainably made goods are created by using materials that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Every item we make in the Rethreaded Freedom Market provides all these things whether it's a Harmony Braid Bracelet or a Halo Necklace, we strive to make an impact with every item we make and use. As a company, we use upcycled t-shirt towels for cleaning and to dry our hands with instead of disposable towels. We also use environmentally-friendly cleaning products in our warehouse. We want to not only impact the lives of the women we serve and the community, but also the environment we live in. 


Each decision to make a purchase is important, too important to make without making a conscious choice.