Rethread Your Life This Earth Day! Small Changes Can Make A Huge Difference!

April 18, 2019

Rethread Your Life This Earth Day!   Small Changes Can Make A Huge Difference!

Happy Earth Day! We love any day that celebrates choosing to live with impact value and being mindful. We are a conscious gift company centered around giving back and reducing our impact on the world around us.

Rethreaded is a place that makes all of its own products out of upcycled materials; we also implement daily practices that show love for the planet. We use t-shirt towels instead of paper towels (that we make ourselves: Check out our Bag o’ Ragshere), and every one of our employees brings a mug for coffee or tea while working in our warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida.

People often hear about the little things and areas of our lives that we can make informed and conscious decisions that benefit the planet and leave behind less of a footprint. But we want to take it a step further and show you ways you can Rethread Your Life. You can easily minimize your use of plastic, shop more sustainably and chooseupcycled fashion like we have at Rethreaded and consider a minimalist lifestyle by supportingbrands that help to cultivate the community around you.

Our planet is the only we have and it deserves some love.

Check out some ways you can Rethread Your Life and show the planet how much you care by living a life that is guided by conscious and mindful decisions.

Earth Day

Donate t-shirts to Rethreaded or a local Shelter!

A big part of our non-profit organization’s DNA is that we make handcrafted upcycled products in our warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida. We transform old, discarded or unwanted t-shirts into beautiful fashionable accessories. T-shirts that would have normally ended up in a landfill can still serve a purpose. We would not be able to accomplish this without the generous donations from all of you! Come by the Rethreaded Warehouse with your unwanted t-shirts and meet the team! Not local to Jacksonville?Find out what organizations near you take clothing donations.

Purchase refillable water bottles!

Water Bottle

Plastic is harming our Earth and oceans, luckily we have easy solutions to remove plastic from our daily lives. Let’s start with our water bottles. On average, each person needs to drink about four bottles of water each day to stay healthy. When you choose to use a reusable water bottle, you are saving about 1,500 water bottles a year.  

Go for a walk! We mean it! 

Nothing beats fresh air and a little Vitamin D, not to mention it’s positive effects on stress and sleep! Many of us are stuck inside for most of the day, why not take advantage of the time you can spend outside? Do you frequent or visit any local establishments? Next time, you head to your favorite local restaurant walk to your destination instead of driving. Head outdoors! Plan a trail hike on your next day off at your local park or take a long walk on the beach. Bring a garbage bag and gloves and pick up trash that you see along the way.

Shop wisely by choosing upcycled or recycled products and goods likeBag O’ Rags,Rethreaded x SouthwestⓇ Upcycled Leather Line,Grace Scarf,Threads for Hope

Bag O Rags

When you buy an upcycled fashion accessory or product you are giving back to the planet by reducing contributions to the overall pollutants associated with the fashion industry.

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest pollutant of the Earth?

ShoppingEco-Friendly is more important now than it has ever been! Changing the way we shop is necessary to living a earth-friendly lifestyle. So why not start shopping sustainably today at Rethreaded?

We have ourBag O’ Rags,Grace Scarves,Threads for Hope , and the entireSouthwestⓇ Upcycled Leather Line and so much more!

Volunteer in your Community!

There are endless ways we can lend a helping hand in our community! Don’t know where to start? For Jacksonville natives,Clean your 904 is a great resource. Visit their website to find locally-based events that revolve around making Jacksonville a cleaner place.We don’t mind sharing you with any of the other great organizations around Jacksonville, but we highly suggest you comevolunteer with us! We love hosting volunteer groups, big or small. Our volunteers play a key role in the process of creating eco-friendly products. Volunteer groups help us by stripping leather, sorting and cutting t-shirts and whatever fun things we have going on in the warehouse that day! We have a lot of fun together! Come and hang out with us!

What are your favorite ways to give back to the planet? We'd love to hear them! Share with us by using #RethreadYourLife or tagging us on social media, @rethreadedinc. You can also shoot us a line at or comment below!

RememberSmall Changes Can Make A Huge Difference! Start Rethreading Your Life Today!

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