First Coast Living: The harmony necklace makes its first appearance March 18 2015, 0 Comments

Kristen Keen, founder of Rethreaded, appeared on First Coast Living to debut the brand new Harmony necklace. 

"It take a community of people to place a woman into the sex trade and keep her there. We want to be a community that is different. A community that empowers and brings harmony back into the lives of these women that have been so affected." - Kristin Keen 


Esa Blog: Generation E: Kristin Keen of Rethreaded March 13 2015, 0 Comments

In their series featuring young entrepreneurs and the faith that pushes them forward, the Esa Blog "Evangelicals for Social Action", featured Rethreaded's founder, Kristin Keen.  Check out Kristin's full interview with Robin Tierney here.

Hints of harmony March 03 2015, 0 Comments

This March, Rethreaded will be releasing a brand new product to restore harmony into the lives of affected women. We couldn't be more excited. 

What is that product, exactly? It’s a secret! 

We’ll be releasing all the details on our exclusive March 23rd online release. To curb your curiosity, we’ll be sharing a new hint at harmony each day for ten days leading up to the online launch. 

Our official launch party for the accessory is March 28th at Rethreaded’s Barnett street location. And you’re invited! The more, the merrier.  

The first 20 advocates to purchase our latest product will receive a free “Sewing a new story” tote. We’re also offering a 20% discount on our Grace Scarves to those who pick up Rethreaded’s newest accessory. 

Throughout the release, we’ll be announcing random 50% off flash sales.

It takes a community of people to traffic women into the largest criminal industry worldwide. Let’s be bigger. Let’s be a new kind of community for these women, a community that works to uplift and assist them out of the sex trade. Together, we can help them shape and sew new stories. 

What kind of community will you be apart of?   

Product Review: Suti Sana’s Maya Bag August 05 2012, 0 Comments

Product Review: Suti Sana's Maya Bag

I’m a bag lady. I come by it honestly: my mom is a bag lady,my grandmother was a bag lady, my great grandmother was a bag lady, and on and on the cycle continues. So when I learned that Rethreaded was going to be selling bags, I naturally became excited. Then, when I learned the incredible story behind those bags, I became ecstatic.

The story of one bag in particular tugged at my heartstrings.

Michelle Chance-Sangthong of wove together the tale of Suti Sana’s Maya bag for me at the Rethreaded Launch Party. (If you missed it, you absolutely must check out the pictures.)

This bag is made out of aguayo from Bolivia. In Bolivia, aguayo can only be used for things that give life – carrying fruits and vegetables or carrying their babies on their backs, for instance. The Suti Sana staff chose this fabric because they are an organization that gives new life to the women who have been rescuedfrom the sex trade. Doesn’t that just give you chills?

As for the functionality, the bag is made extremely well.The size is big enough to hold a notebook or two (14”x14.5”), so it’s a good option for students. Aguayo is sturdy and durable, meaning this product can take some wear and tear without notice. And have I mentioned the colors? The warm tones are perfect for the cold weather of fall and winter, both of whichare just around the corner.

One of my favorite things about this bag is the compliments I receive for using it. The unique style has garnered admiration every time I’ve used it. This gives me the opportunity to explain the bag’s story and spread the message about ending the sex trade. Can your bag do that?

Hanna Palmer is a lifelong Jacksonville resident with a passion for ending the sex trade. As the girl behind Rethreaded's social media, she encourages you to connect with them on Twitter and Facebook! Learn more about Hanna at her blog, Adventures of a Florida Girl.



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