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So I just finished working on the talk for the Mukti Ball and as i was writing and thinking and praying i just couldn't stop crying. I feel like the last two weeks has blown me away. SO SO SO SO much good has happened. I know that all seasons will not be like this so i am embracing this and letting it seep deep down into my heart.

I had a revelation this week. I was sharing about the Mukti Ball at a women's luncheon this past Saturday.  And in sharing I mean I was making an announcement about the Mukti Ball. Then a women in the audience asked me a question. Then another woman asked a question, and another and another. Soon they had drawn out of me not only the event details but my heart behind all those details as well. I can't totally explain it yet but in that moment I almost started weeping with how loved I felt.  These women were not asking me questions to condemn me but because they love me. I felt so safe on that stage.

I think it was the first time I truly felt I am not alone in this. These women knew what questions to ask because they are just as passionate about seeing women free. They are all in. They want to give their hearts and time. They are for Rethreaded. They are for me. They are for the women that will be a part of Rethreaded. When women come into Rethreaded there are already women that are committed to them.

I have had the most amazing time planning the Mukti Ball...mostly because I wasn’t in charge!!!! My dear friends took ownership and have planned the most amazing ball.  They were all in. They know what Rethreaded wants to do so they have given their time, money and gifts to make it happen.

Over the past two weeks I have gotten to hear how the women coming out of prison have affected my friends and how my friends have affected these women that are new to sobriety. It is so so so so so damn beautiful.

Rethreaded is reaching this tipping point. It’s growing. God is moving. He is touching people's hearts and they want to be involved. Women are writing us letters back. People that are friends of friends are getting connected.

What is happening is what I was dreaming about.....I know its sounds cheesy but I want an army raised up that will fight for the people affected by the sex trade.

Its happening and the beautiful thing is it doesn’t really have anything to do with me. It seems the things i push the hardest on have little fruit, but the areas that i don't do anything seem to just happen.

The road so far is marked with so much grace. Grace because I failed someone today. Grace because I often want to do it all and be all to everyone, Grace because I hold community with such high regard that when I hurt someone I want it to hide and be ashamed. However, as a wise friend said to me today, "When you fail it makes room for grace."

I am enjoying this road so far. It’s the start of so much.



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