5 Ways To Let Freedom Take Part In Your Wedding April 16 2015, 0 Comments

Rethreaded is a social entrepreneurship that is breaking the cycle of the sex trade by offering viable and creative work to those affected by the sex trade i.e. prostitution, drug addiction and human trafficking. Proceeds from the sale of our products directly funds our mission to offer   offers the oppressed a chance to grow into the fullness of who they are. 

 Photos and Blog | Heather Seidel

1. Accessorize your bridesmaids with Harmony, Hope and Grace. 

Make your special day even sweeter by adorning your bridesmaids in accessories that benefit others. Between the Harmony NecklacesThreads for Hope Bracelets, or our trademark Grace Scarves, the opportunities are almost endless. 


2. Throw a home party for your bridal shower. 

Gather your bridesmaids and raise awareness for a cause that empowers women everywhere. You supply the location, we'll supply the products and the presentations. Learn more about home parties here.


3. Thank your family and friends with products that promote freedom. 

Amidst the chaos that is planning a wedding, it can be hard to think of the perfect thank you gift for those that have always supported you. Extend your appreciation to those that have shaped your life through gifts that change the lives of others. 


3. Grab some gear for your honeymoon. 

Advocate during your getaway! Whether you're sporting Rethreaded's exclusive products, or the dozens of products from our freedom partners, you're making a difference. Our favorites include the hand crafted blankets and bags from Sari Bari, pictured above on our intern Heather, or the relaxing oils available from our friends at Thistle Farms. 


5. Rock a harmony necklace with your wedding dress. 

Be bold and bear a vibrant Harmony Necklace that'll pop against your gorgeous white gown. Fearlessly celebrate your special day while donning a product that spreads hope. Together, we are making a lasting impact. 

There's no better way to spread a message of love on your special day than by touching the life of another. By sending a message of grace on your wedding day, you pave a path that reshapes the lives of impacted women. We can and will create the spark that initiates change. 

What you missed: recap of Mukti 2015 February 18 2015, 0 Comments

This past Saturday, we held our 4th annual Mukti Celebration Fundraiser. With nearly 300 attendees, we’d have to say this year’s Mukti was the most successful yet. Couldn’t make it out? Here’s what you missed:

The night began with opening sentiments from Carl Smith and Paige Kelton, followed by celebrity poetry readings from Delores Barr Weaver, Melissa Ross, Alan Verlander, and Sean Yost.


Accompanied with music from the Crescendo Amelia Big Band, the celebration continued with a “Passport to the World” dining experience catered by Conscious Eats, and delicious baked goods supplied by Motion Sweets, Kreasions, GuanaBana and Simply Southern Eatery. 

 After a thought-provoking speech given by our very own Kristin Keen, we were blown away by the story of a current Rethreaded employee, who’s a survivor of sex trafficking. Stories such as hers remind us why our mission is so important: we’re not only transforming lives, we’re giving people the hope and freedom they need to transform their own.

We Need a Blizzard of T-shirts at Rethreaded February 04 2015, 0 Comments

Donate your t-shirts: Rethreaded Store--820 Barnett Street // Monday-Thursday // 9:00-5:00pm.

It's a Blizzard at Rethreaded! A Blizzard of t-shirts that is. But for real we do need white shirts. We do need to have blizzard of t-shirts here at Rethreaded, even though it's 73 degrees outside. We need your size large and above white t-shirts, 100% cotton with no side-seams. 

Whether you an individual or business we need your white t-shirts. If you happen to be in a store and see a pack of Hanes XL t-shirts we could use those. We just need your t-shirts. If you want to do a t-shirt campaign that would be awesome as well, so we can dye them and make them into all the amazing Rethreaded products and help employ more women.

So dig out your closets, go to the store, buy us a pack of t-shirts. Let's make a blizzard. Let's party!

Video Credit: Heather Seidel


Join the Movement of Hope "Threads For Hope" January 20 2015, 0 Comments

This video shows the power of advocacy. It also displays the threads that men, women, and children are choosing to wear as a symbol of unity and hope for those still affected by the sex trade. You, too, can join the movement of Hope with your own Threads For Hope bracelet. 

Every time someone buys a Threads For Hope bracelet, they provide a chance for a woman affected by the sex trade to sew a new story. What makes Threads For Hope so special is that every purchase directly funds one hour of job training for a woman in need.

Advocate freedom by rocking one of these hope inspired bracelets and share in the victory of a new story being sewn. Join the movement of hope in your city.

You can get your Threads For Hope:
1)online at our website--- Online Store
2)at our retail location--- [820 Barnett Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32209]
3)or any of the events we are going to be at. 

Video credit: Bradley Hayes //

Human Trafficking Awareness Month 2015 January 05 2015, 0 Comments

Happy New Year Rethreaded Friends & Advocates!

If you don’t know January is National Human Trafficking Awareness month. For the next thirty days we are going to educating you on this issue.

This will be done in a few different ways.

We are going to be sharing statistics, informing you about upcoming events in our city of Jacksonville, and then were going to be explaining to you how exactly how Rethreaded is breaking the cycle of the sex trade not only in Jacksonville, but all over the world.

Along with informing you about this issue we are also going to be promoting unity & hope through our Threads For Hope bracelet. This bracelet is super important because every time someone buys one it pays for an hour of freedom for one of our employees. This is an opportunity to give a woman a chance to sew a new story.

We want the Threads For Hope bracelet to go viral. We want everyone associated to Rethreaded to be wearing them not only in Jacksonville but beyond. We want this to unify us that we’re in this fight again Human Trafficking together.

You can get your Threads For Hope:
1)online at our website--- Online Store
2)at our retail location--- [820 Barnett Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32209]
3)or any of the events we are going to be at for the month of January.

So make sure you get your bracelet asap and become a part of the movement of freedom.

Video credit: Bradley Hayes //



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