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We get so excited when we get to introduce a new member of the team! Carrie has successfully completed her 3 months of training and has learned a lot. She is eager to learn more, and we can't wait to see how she grows! We sat down with Carrie to find out more about her experience with training and what her ambitions for the future are.
What was your favorite part of training? What did you enjoy learning the most?

My favorite part is learning that I am capable of things I could have never imagined. I’ve loved learning how to make jewelry. I love seeing the process of a product from start to finish.

What is your role at Rethreaded now?

I am part of the production team. I know how to make most our products from Grace Scarves to Dog Chew Toys. I am now learning how to dye t-shirts, and hand-dye scarves. 

What do you contribute to Rethreaded? What strengths do you bring to the table?

I love to learn new things and accomplish goals. I am very teachable. I have been complimented on my enthusiasm and willingness to try new things and my careful attention to quality. I also offer constant entertainment with my silliness and clumsiness.

What skills are you excited to be learning moving forward?

I love the hands-on approach to learning here and all the processes. I get so excited to learn new things, but sometimes get frustrated with not understanding the methods. So what I have really learned is patience and perseverance by working through frustrations and mastering  methods. Those are skills I hope to continue learning, and can help me in all areas of my life. 

What is your favorite part of the day at Rethreaded?

Thankful Huddle is my favorite part of the day. It keeps me focused on what God has blessed me with. It is also cool to see what the other women are thankful for. It gives me hope.

(Watch the Thankful Huddle video!)

What is your favorite Rethreaded product to make?

Halo Bracelets. I have always had an obsession with heavenly things and it is a reminder of what God has done, and the circle of change that is my life.

(Halo Bracelets coming to the online store in fall! See below for a sneak peak!)

What is your favorite product to wear?

My favorite product to wear is the Threads for Hope Bracelet. I love that I can wear it with anything! I also love the meaning behind the bracelet. I get to tell people about the Rethreaded mission and how my bracelet funded an hour of training for another woman. 

(Shop Threads for Hope Bracelets!)

Where do you see yourself a year from now?

I am taking life one day at a time. A year from now, I will certainly be wherever God needs me to be. My life has changed so much already, in ways I would have never expected. Wherever I am, I just know it will be great.

Happy One-Year Anniversary, Jamie! March 22 2016, 0 Comments

One year ago Jamie walked in the doors of Rethreaded.  I have watched her grow into a strong, compassionate, and servant-hearted woman who is living into the fullness of who she is created to be.  She inspires us on a daily basis with her humility and wisdom.  I am proud to call her my co-worker and fellow world changer.  -Kristin Keen, founder and President

Q: How did you hear about Rethreaded?

A: I heard about Rethreaded from one of the women who works here. She seemed to really enjoy her job, and it was hard not to be interested.

Q: What do you remember about your first day at Rethreaded? What stood out to you the most?

A: My first day at Rethreaded was exciting! Everyone seemed filled with such purpose, and even in the midst of all the work going I felt like there was a special effort made to make me feel welcome and a part of the team.

Q: You have moved from production to marketing over the past year. How was that transition?

A: I enjoyed working in production, but have always dreamed of working in an office and being able to help enact social change. It has been so rewarding to rediscover my potential this past year. I have been surrounded by women who have encouraged and challenged me, who have seen where and who I could be, and have pushed me closer towards that vision. Today I feel like I have a voice, and the knowledge and skills to make that voice heard. I look forward to continuing to grow in this role at Rethreaded, and am really excited for what the future holds.

Q: What is your favorite Rethreaded product to wear?

A: I really love the new Harmony Braid Necklace! It has been incredible to watch the product development process and to see what my co-workers come up with. The necklace reminds me of how different we can all be, how we all bring something unique to the table, but how we all work together to make something beautiful.

Q: What is your favorite part about being the Marketing Assistant?

A: My job is so dynamic. Each day I feel like I am growing and learning so much and what I am doing from day-to-day changes so much. It is never boring.

Q: What is your favorite part about working at Rethreaded?

A: My favorite part of working at Rethreaded is the amazing men and women I get to work with and all the opportunities I get to grow with them. Some days I get to be the one who encourages and helps others through struggles and others days I get to lean on them for support. There is a special kind of community here that allows everyone to thrive.

What is Grace? September 27 2015, 0 Comments

Smile September 14 2015, 5 Comments

Every smile stung with pain. For years, every time I laughed, my hand automatically came up to hide what I found to be ugly in me, the mark of my past. I would talk to strangers, to potential employers, and think they know where I’ve been. They’re judging me. I stopped wearing makeup; I stopped seeing myself as a pretty girl. I never smiled in pictures.

Then there was the physical pain, insidious it would come, and I would cry. No insurance meant a dentist was out of my reach. My face would swell with infection, and I would find myself unable to sleep, losing hours at work, racking up another emergency room bill for a prescription of antibiotics I could fill for free at Publix. Each trip was accompanied by the refusal of narcotics. Relief would only come when the abscess started to heal. I lost the luxury to be able to mask that pain long ago.

I began working at Rethreaded, where there is no judgement, only love. It is a place where my past doesn’t matter, and I can strive to reach my potential. My expectations of people, and of an employer have surpassed anything I ever imagined. And then came the news that my life would forever change. Tears of joy flooded my face as I was told by Kristin, the director of Rethreaded, that a couple of dentists she knew wanted to fix my teeth. A few days later I showed up at the offices of Edwards and Cavendish, full of nerves and hope. The love and grace I received there go beyond words. Every detail was considered, and a plan of action was determined. Dr. Edwards told me it would be a long, uncomfortable process, but they would carry me through. Appointment after appointment I was met with the same compassion, and have become friends with one of their dental assistants. I could never thank those women enough.

Each smile shines brightly, and I laugh freely. I can choose to share my past or not. I am no longer marked, no longer do I feel instantly judged. I’ve stopped living in the fear of the pain. A smile can change the world. It changed my world.

Rethreaded and One Spark Receive National Attention in Inc. Magazine May 28 2015, 0 Comments

We are so excited to announce that our Founder and President, Kristin Keen, was featured in the nationaly known  Inc. Magazine as a success story from One Spark.  We are so thankful to One Spark for giving us a "spark" that still continues to put the work of Rethreaded in the spotlight.  We hope this article inspires others to go after their dreams. 




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A Survivor's Story April 24 2015, 0 Comments

“I’m a survivor”. This was a new thought for me. “Serious sexual trauma”, she called it.

The words rang in my ears and landed in my soul. Like rocks to the bottom of the ocean. “Survivor, me?!” I kept repeating to myself. Almost like she was informing me of a new reality.

My back stiffened and I held my head high. “I’m a well adjusted business owner. I’m here to share my story and inspire them. Your ladies. These women who lived in hell.” A hell I was sure I knew nothing about. In that moment I realized, she was me. The woman in front of me. I am her. We, we’re sisters. Now I find my own past volcano erupting. Realizations happening like a pop up story book.

You see, I’ve never written down my story. This is my pain. I mean, was my pain. Perhaps if I share it with you I'll heal a little more. Maybe we'll both heal a little bit more. It began at 9. I was little. I've tried not to remember. I can hardly say it above a whisper, that I was molested by a family member until 15 years old. I never talk about it. I didn’t realize until today how I daily make sure that I’m covered and nothing’s hanging out. That I don’t attract too much attention. I even tell people coming to my yoga classes about attire. I’ll say, “Wear whatever you like as long as you feel comfortable and covered.” I didn’t realize until now that comfortable and covered was my life. I’ve been trying desperately not to be seen. Even though I’m seen by hundreds of yoga students and life coaching clients weekly. This seeing is of an intimate nature. You are now seeing my past pain and that feels raw.

I’ll let you into my life back then. After he’d be done with me I’d take the hottest shower possible. Trying to rinse the dirty feelings off. The dirtiness of being molested that is. It didn’t matter though, they subconsciously stuck to my soul long after the soap washed off. Now I know now why I love scarfs. They keep me comfortable and covered. I can wrap it around me and feel safe. Not used and exposed against my will. I learned early to control everything in my environment. I was and still am defensive if I see a man even look at a women in a creepy way, because at one time I was her.

You see I was little. I didn’t know. When I was old enough to know. I felt shame. Deep shame.

It was a secret. Kept me silent. I felt dirty, a rag and worthless. My guard was up. Thought of myself as a target. Thinking that people were out to get me, especially men. You see I was little. Innocent. I didn’t even know what sex was. Molestation was foreign to me. Thank God for my sister! She woke my parents up to what was happening. I thought it was my fault, even though he was older than me. I didn’t know how to stop it.

My shame was so deep that I even yelled at my sister for telling my parents. I was scared of something bad happening to her or even me. “Don’t swing your hands, wear long shorts and don’t be alone with him” they said. Which was hard, because he was at the house a lot. “Did he apologize? they asked. “Yes? Okay, then that’s all he can do.” My Mom, said I could yell for help. “How could I scream when his actions were my fault?,” I’d ask myself confused.

Like I’d tempted a young man into using my body for his pleasure even though he knew it was wrong. The conversation left me feeling like a dirty secret. Like I was dirt. I was something to be hidden and silent. I’d been conditioned for silence and silent I stayed. Sitting on my hands. Mouth zipped by paralyzing fear. I grew into a young woman who knew how to sit down and shut up. I don’t remember all that was said in the whistleblowing conversation. I just remember walking out feeling like it was my fault. For not being a better girl or yelling or telling them. Or something!

My parents did the best they could. I bet they didn’t even know what to do. They knew it was wrong. They didn’t know how to stop it. It didn’t stop. Once it was out, I felt worse. An even dirtier secret. I needed my parents to believe and comfort me. A hug. A friend. I needed protectors. I didn’t feel safe around him. I wanted to know I wasn’t alone. Maybe they told me that, I don’t remember.

My experience taught me, abuse occurs from people close to you. Family (like me), close friends and even partners. Shame secrets cannot grow when exposed to light. I’m placing my shame in the light. To parents and guardians of children, the best thing you can do it create an open loving relationship with your kids. So your sons and daughters knows they can come to you with their shame. Live in a way that they know they can talk to you, about anything.

Well, I’m grown now. A woman. I’m still healing. I’m not my past or my story, it doesn’t define me. I am who I choose to be. I chose to be brave and vulnerable. To live free! I hope my story empowers you. I hope it rings in your soul. Everyone needs respect. To feel safe at home. Stop sitting on your hands. Stand up. Speak up.

Sarah Suero is a Certified Effectiveness Coach for women and Yoga Instructor.

My passion is empowering women! On and off the yoga mat. I love co-creating fresh possibilities with women who dare greatly. Transforming the past stories into bold brilliance. I also latin dance, cook yummy food and enjoy coffee (all kinds of coffee). Reach out to me at  :// or email me



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