Best Friend & Sister Gift Guide

So what to get the girl that you know like the back of your own hand? You need to get her something that’s not just a space-filler gift, something with meaning, something that reflects how much you care about her.  “Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love everywhere you go.” - Mother Theresa

A. Hasina Tote

Hasina Totes are the perfect size. Laptops can easily fit into its body and can be kept safe with the clasped opening. Internally, the Sari Bari Bag has three pockets, two open and one with a zipper. Even the largest cell phone could fit into these! One of the best parts about the Hasina Tote is the variety of patterns. They are made in India by our freedom partner, made from upcycled saris! (In-store only)

B. Sari Notebook

She’ll need someplace to write all of these gifts down to get you next year! The Sari Notebook is an awesome place to do that! Hand-crafted from women at our freedom partner, Love Calcutta Arts, these notebooks are bound together with love. Not only is the cover made from upcycled material, the paper is too! Each page is constructed from cotton rags and recycled woolen blankets. This notebook is completely environmentally friendly, not to mention provides a women affected by the sex trade and poverty with viable work. We suggest the first thing that’s written in it is about how you both are saving the world!

C. Halo Necklace

She’s like your shadow! What would you do without her? Sometimes it feels like you share the same brain, maybe just for a minute. She’s not just a friend but almost a guardian at least when you aren’t being hers. Our Halo Necklace is a thoughtful way to show that appreciation! It’s a short necklace strung together from upcycled t-shirts adorned with a finished washer. It’s the perfect accent to any cool weather look. We carry them in our fall colors. Check out which one you could see your other half wearing! Maybe you’ll find one you will have to get for yourself!

D. Grace Scarf

Grace Scarves are a Rethreaded staple! Does your best friend love a specific color? We know you’ll be able to find it! These handmade scarves are one of the first products that survivors learn to make. Learn more about the beautiful crafting process here! ><




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