Men Gift Guide


Hey, give the men in your life an opportunity to be freedom advocates! Our freedom partners from all over the world make products with them in mind. Peace, hope and love should be shared, not divided! Check out these creative gift ideas!

A. Messenger Bag

Causegear is back at it! This leather bag is a great size for the guy on the go! Causegear is a unique company that pays their employees 5x the normal wage in India. With each of their products, you can learn about the artisans that made the bag on their website. Tablets and small laptops can easily fit in this bag. Causegear notebooks also fit quite nicely! Their clean look dresses up any outfit for that extra professional touch! Buy these bags for human justice.

B. Leather Mini-Journal

Our freedom partner, Causegear is located in multiple locations in India. 90% of the company profits go back to benefiting the crafters themselves. Causegear’s mission is to transform the lives of people trapped in poverty as well as injustice and in turn become self-sustaining. Get your guy this journal, and he might start scheming about how can make the world a better place! Better yet, he may just start writing some poetry for you!

C. Men’s Wallet

Why is that just about all of men’s outfits have pockets? Well, we have the answer you’ve been dying to hear. It’s to carry their Sak Saum wallet! These wallets are crafted in Cambodia by people whose life have been affected by family death, homelessness, disabilities and even age. When you buy this wallet your money goes to not only people who produced the product, but also their families.There’s a saying that money makes the world go round. That might be true, but we think love determines the direction that it spins. (In-store only)

D. Single-origin Coffee

Picture this: you drinking a cup of coffee out on the veranda with you favorite guy by your side. Nice right? Now picture THIS: you, drinking a cup of Rethreaded Survivor Made Coffee, that has positively impacted the lives of three different people, out on the veranda with your favorite guy by your side.  Any thoughts? Well, let us help you out with that vision! Rethreaded Survivor Made Coffee is harvested in Africa by survivors of the Rwandan genocide and sex trafficking in Nicaragua, and is then roasted by survivors of homelessness in Jacksonville, Florida and is finally packed in an upcycled pouch by survivors of human trafficking in Jacksonville, Florida too!



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