Mom & Wife Gift Guide

Let’s get something good for mom! This year, stop your googling for “gifts for women”. This is what the holidays are all about! Show your love to mom by providing opportunity to women who have been affected by the sex trade. Support social entrepreneurships and spread joy to the world!

A. Dalmatian Stone Earrings

Starfish Project earrings are gorgeous! These Dalmatian Stone earrings are fun and elegant. They add the perfect little punch of personalization to any outfit. Pretty unpredictable, right? Mom will love may want to buy two just in case they end up in your stocking instead.

B. Harmony Braid Necklace

Mom’s the harmony-maker, right? How fitting the Harmony Braid Necklace? It’s delicately braided with a chain and cotton t-shirt embellished with a bold copper accent. These are handcrafted by a survivor locally in Jacksonville. Spread peace with an accent of harmony! 

C. Sari Bari Scarves

We love our scarves from our freedom partner, Sari Bari. They are gorgeous and unique! The scarves are made from upcycled saris by women in India who are affected by the sex trade. Sari Bari Scarves are sure to keep her warm and stylish! You know how mom always makes sure you feel that way? Give her some of that same love! (In-store only. Limited stock!)

D. Floral Wide Silver-Plated Bangle

You have earrings that dangle, now you need some bangles! This Floral Wide Silver-Plated Bangle is from our freedom partner, Rahab’s Rope. Women who are survivors of human trafficking create these bracelets in a safe and loving environment. We think mom won’t mind that little production description.

E. Chunky Grace Scarf

We are pretty much experts with handmade scarves. Keep mom toasty in one of our Chunky Grace Scarves! When worn as a single loop, it adds a lively punch to cooler weather outfits. These scarves can also be worn in a double loop which really keeps you, I mean mom, snug! Check out our fall colors!

F. JOYN City Bag

Let’s go. Keep moving. Mom is on the go! Our freedom partner, JOYN, is located in Rajpur, India and specialized in women’s handbags. These bags are not mass-produced. Real people make them. The patterns are also hand woodblock printed. Every single created aspect of these purses are crafted with hope and redemption. The JOYN City Bag is excellent for any woman on the go.  



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