3/ $30 Mix and Match

Combination of coffee, toffee, or tea:
    • 3 oz toffee made by our friends at Amelia Toffee Co. This traditional recipe is packed full of flavor and provides men and women a way to start a new life through work both here locally and around the globe.
        • Coffee
        • African Chai Tea
          • Honey Butter
      • 6 oz survivor made coffee roasted locally by survivors of homelessness at Social Grounds Coffee Co. then packed and sold by survivors of human trafficking at Rethreaded in Jacksonville, Florida.
          • Sumatran
          • Nicaraguan
          • Rwandan
      • Pyramid Bag Tea. These refreshing teas are organic, fair trade and caffeine-free. Grown and handpicked by members of a Kenyan women's co-op.   
          • Chamomile
          • Rooibos
          • Peppermint
          • Hibiscus



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