Pet Gift Guide

Don’t forget about the most important family member! Could you imagine life without them? It’s probably better if you don’t. Treat them during the holiday season! This year you can confidently give your pup and kitten exactly what they’ve been longing for.

A. Dog Chew Toys

Dog Chew Toys are awesome gifts for playful canines of all sizes. It’s made from upcycled cotton t-shirts by an employed survivor at Rethreaded. Sizes range from12 x  ¾ for small, 15 x 1 for medium and 18 x 1 ⅕ for large.

Check out this customer review!

B. Organic Catnip Toy

Prrrrrr’s don’t even explain the half of it. This is one of our newest products for you furry friend! These adorable fish are stuffed with cotton and fresh homegrown catnip. Your fluff will be in love! With the variety of patterns and colors, made from upcycled upholstery fabric, these fish are the perfect gift for your perfect cat. You could even buy an entire school, one to match every room! (In-store only)

C. Dog Biscuits

Your dog needs to refuel after all that playtime, right? One of our freedom partners, Women’s Bean Project, crafts these treats in Libertyville, IL. These all-natural biscuits are made from 6 simple ingredients:White flour, chicken broth, eggs, dry milk, cheddar cheese, and vegetable oil.

 D. Cat Tassel Toy:

You can’t forget about your feline friend! It can be pretty difficult to energize your cat, not anymore! Watch out, because the claws will come out. This Cat Tassel Toy is made from upcycled t-shirts and has a loop that can be used as a handle or can fit on a doorknob or hook! (sold out)




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