The Survivor Development Program

At Rethreaded, a job is not only a steady paycheck but the beginning of a new identity and renewed hope for survivors of human trafficking. Our Survivor Development Program provides access to specialized services including care management, crisis counseling, therapeutic groups, career development and a life-changing career. We ask that you donate to ensure that our survivors now and in the future will be able to see their dreams come true. By doing so you are guaranteed to change lives! 


Rethreaded is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.



The Survivor Development Program: How it Works and What's Included

Holistic Apprenticeship

During the first three months of employment, survivors have access to 3 months of on-the-job training which includes courses on trauma, life skills and employability skills. At the end of the three months of training, each survivor's individual talents are assessed and she is placed in the area best suited to her abilities.

Survivor Advocacy

Over the next year of employment, each survivor has full access to case management, crisis intervention, and the Renewal Program. The Renewal Program includes a weekly class entitled Finding Balance Between Work and Life that allows survivors to create community amongst themselves, navigate complicated issues with the guidance of a counselor and begin to find healing. The content of this program was carefully chosen by survivors and shaped by their unique needs.

Career Development

Career development begins the moment a survivor is hired on with Rethreaded and one hour a week is dedicated to business skills training for the entire staff. Once a survivor has completed the one-year Renewal Program she also has access to career-specific training in one of the five career paths offered at Rethreaded including production, inventory, finance/admin, sales, and marketing. Career development includes mentorship, goal setting, attending webinars and going to conferences. Leadership development is also offered to survivors who exhibit leadership skills whose mentorship and presence in the company is invaluable to new survivors as they are hired.



Our survivors have changed the way they speak about themselves
and are engaging in the community in powerful ways as advocates
and business women.
Be a part of her change. 


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