A. Causegear  || New Delhi, Saharanpur and Kolkata, India

Causegear employs crafters in India that get paid dignified wages to make high-quality bags, backpacks, purses and the like, which are then sold through Causegear’s website. The crafters’ stories are one of the most important parts of Causegear’s brand.

Products: Totes, Wallets, Sports Bags and Tees



B. Freeset || Kolkata, India

Freeset is a fair trade business offering employment to women trapped in the sex trade. They make quality jute bags and organic cotton t-shirts, but their business is freedom. While many of the women are still not the fastest sewers, the business now produces around 1000 bags a day. Consistent quality is important for Freeset to be a competitive, self sustaining business that is able to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation for these women once and for all. The women are paid around twice the going rate for an equivalent job elsewhere. Their employment package includes health insurance and a pension plan. A woman is employed full-time to ensure that staff are able to access their health insurance entitlements.

Products: Customizable Bags and Tees


C. Purpose Jewelry || Mumbai, India & Orange County, CA

Purpose Jewelry is a socially-minded company which manufactures, sells, and distributes jewelry handmade by human trafficking survivors. The jewelry is all handmade in Mumbai, India by girls rescued from the commercial sex trade, ages 15-25. In Orange County, products are inventoried, prepared, and packed to ship by survivors trafficked and rescued in Southern California.

Products: Bracelets, Earring, Necklaces and Rings


D. JOYN || Rajpur, India

JOYN is a socially-conscious fashion brand producing women’s handbags that are 100-percent handmade. JOYN bags aren’t mass-produced. People make them. Real people with names and faces and stories and passions. 

Products: Handbags, Wallets, Clutches and Accessories


E. Love Calcutta Arts || Kolkata, India 

Love Calcutta Arts aims to break the cycle of generations of demeaning slavery. It provides economic freedom to its workers as well as giving them a sense of dignity and self-worth. It offers a way out for the girls who would otherwise be at risk of abuse. 

Products: Embroidered Notebooks, Journals and Memo Pads


F. Rahab's Rope || Bangalore, India 

Rahab’s Rope exists to give hope and opportunity to women and girls that are at risk or have been forced into the commercial sex trade of India. Their centers provide basic education and vocational training for each girl and woman who come through our centers; ultimately, allowing them to integrate into their communities in a positive and constructive manner. 

Products: Hand-carved Wood Coasters


G. Sari Bari || Kolkata, India

Co-founded by Kristin Keen in 2009, Sari Bari now employs over 120 women coming out of the sex trade in Kolkata. Each product is handcrafted out of upcycled Saris, the traditional dress worn by women in India. 

Products: Hand-sewn Blankets, Bags and Home Decor Items 

H. Sak Saum || Phnom Penh and Saang, Cambodia

Sak Saum is pioneering a model of self-sustaining ministry. From the beginning, the goal has been to create a nurturing, empowering, restorative program which facilitates vocational training in sewing, excellent products, and community development. Sak Saum believes in the union of powerful, life-changing outreach with effective, excellent business.

Products: Handbags and Wallets

I. FashionABLE || 

Ethiopia & Nashville, TN

The FASHIONABLE mission is to create sustainable business so that the people are not dependents on charity but a vital part of a developing economy. When you buy a FASHIONABLE product you are ABLE to provide opportunities, and the women who make our products are ABLE to have a new choice. 

Products: Leather Totes, Handbags, Wallets, Jewelry and Scarves



J. Thistle Farms || Nashville, TN

Magdalene is a two-year residential community founded in Nashville, TN in 1997 for women with a history of prostitution and drug addiction. Magdalene was founded not just to help a sub-culture of women, but to help change the culture itself. We stand in solidarity with women who are recovering from sexual abuse, violence, and life on the streets, and who have paid dearly for a culture that buys and sells women like commodities.

 Thistle Farms is a non-profit business operated by the women of Magdalene. By hand, the women create natural bath and body products that are as kind to the environment as they are to the body. All sales proceeds go back into the program.

Products: Handmade Bath and Body and Home and Garden Products 



K. Women's Bean Project || Denver, CO

Women’s Bean Project employs chronically unemployed and impoverished women through transitional employment and helps them earn the job readiness, interpersonal and life skills to create a new future - for themselves, their families, our community and our economy.

Products: Gourmet Food and Soup Mixes, Coffee, Tea, and Spice Rubs 

LSocial Grounds || Jacksonville, FL

Social Grounds Coffee was started with a love for people and great coffee. The coffee is harvested from plantations in Nicaragua and Rwanda and economically empowers at-risk woman who have survived the sex trade and genocide. They source from some of the worlds best coffee farms, roast and then prepare for you to take it home. Once harvested, it is processed and ground in Jacksonville, Florida. But the best part of their company is the after product of your involvement, purchase and support goes to a project in which we will work along side the City of Jacksonville to employ and empower the homeless and help the less fortunate through proceeds of your purchase. We love our city and the people.

Products: Single Origin, Non-Blended Coffee


M. Badala || Mumbai, India & Orange County, CA

Badala provides alternative employment opprotunities to women experiencing extreme poverty. Since launching in Kenya, Badala has since expanded their employment programs to women and artisans across East Africa, Central America, and to domestic sex trafficking survivors. 

Products: Handmade Jewelry and Home Decor


N. The Starfish Project || Several cities and countries in Asia

At Starfish Project, exploited women are empowered to recognize their value. In addition to dignified employment, Starfish Project provides women with housing, counseling, educational opportunities, vocational training and health care. 

Products: Handmade Jewelry and Home Decor


O. Nica Life || Several cities in Nicaragua

Nica Life supports the UPNicaragua organization which aims to empower Nicaraguan girls. Their mission is to break the cycle of poverty and prevent abuse and exploitation. The organization invests in teaching them life skills, vocational skills and connects them to a healthy network of community role models

Products: Handmade Jewelry



P. Basha || Bangladesh

In the Bengali language bash means 'house' and asha means 'hope.' Basha is the house of hope we're building in Bangladesh. Basha opened its doors on May 1, 2011. That day fourteen women joined Dhaka office to begin a new life. We have continued to add new partners, new centers, new children's programs, and are currently serving nearly ten times the women and children we started with.

Products: Handmade blankets


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