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Stop by the store Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 5pm to shop Rethreaded's full inventory, or shop online now.


Attend our events throughout the year. It is a great way to get to show your support by purchasing products or volunteering your time, whether you come to an event hosted at the Rethreaded Warehouse, or show your support around town at our Pop-up shops. Feel free to invite your friends and family. We look forward to getting know you. Together we can break the cycle of the sex trade.

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For information about upcoming events, please visit our calendar of events. 


At Rethreaded, we have worked very hard to create a safe and loving environment for women who have been affected by the sex trade. For this reason, we have created a volunteer structure for the protection of our employees. First-time volunteer? Please fill out this form & bring it on your first day volunteering. 

To sign up for current volunteer opportunities click the button below:


We would love to have you join us on our mission of "sewing a new story" on a financial level. We are thankful for a Rethreaded Community that believes in a chance for every person to be who they were created to be. We are a 5o1c3 and all donations are tax deductible. Thank you for believing in our mission.

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