One of the most impactful ways to get involved at Rethreaded is to host an event. Events are a fun and personal way to get involved with Rethreaded. Gather your friends, coworkers, or colleagues and pick the option that works best for you.

Home Party

Needs 15+ guests

We prepare a pop-up kit and set it up in your home where your guests get to hear a short talk from a Rethreaded advocate and one of our survivor employees and of course some private time to shop. We do all the preparation and party operations so you can just enjoy your guests as a great hostess and an excited advocate for Rethreaded.  

Warehouse Party

Needs 15+ guests

You and your guests can bring their own food and drink and enjoy a private shopping experience in the Rethreaded Warehouse with access to everything we have in inventory. Your guest will have more product options, and will still get to enjoy a talk by a Rethreaded advocate and a survivor employee.

Grace Scarf Making Party

Needs 13+ guests

We create a ticketed event that your guests buy tickets to attend for $35 each. At the party, you or they can bring their own food and drink.  Your guests have time to enjoy each other's company, private shopping time in the store and they attend a class where our expert survivor trainer will teach them how to make their own scarf that they get to take with them ($28 value).  

Lunch and Learn

Needs 15+ guests

We prepare a pop-up kit and set up in your office or church where your coworkers or congregation can shop and hear the testimonies of one of our Rethreaded advocates and survivor employee. Learn about how Rethreaded is breaking the cycle of the sex trade and how you can get involved with our mission. Followed with a private shopping experience.

Rethreaded 101

Needs 7+ guest

Come enjoy lunch on us by attending or organizing a company lunch & learn at the Rethreaded Warehouse. Learn how we are fighting business with business from our Founder and President Kristin Keen and hear a survivor share a store of hope and empowerment. Lunch is followed with an exclusive tour of the warehouse and full Rethreaded shopping experience.

Next steps:

  • Determine which type of event makes the most sense.
  • Pick a date and time.
  • You plan the food, drink, and invitation -- and we’ll do the rest!

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