This year we are so proud to celebrate our fifth year as a social entrepreneurship!  We have achieved more than we ever thought possible and have overcome many obstacles. I recently heard the statistic that only six out of a hundred start-ups make it to their fifth year. We are proud to be in the 6% off all start-ups! It is amazing!

In the past year, we have doubled the size of our company and are on track to hire up to eight more survivors.  We have been in a 2800 square foot warehouse since 2012 and are quickly running out of space. More importantly, we are running out of air-conditioned space! We have three small air-conditioned rooms, but the rest of the warehouse does not have air conditioning. During the summer, the temperature in the warehouse exceeds 100 degrees. This makes it impossible for us to provide our survivors and staff with a safe and positive work environment. It also does not allow us to have events or shoppers at the warehouse for at least six months out of the year. This year we have already had to turn down three sales events at the warehouse due to the heat.

Our board of directors has worked with local contractors to devise a plan that creates a healthy working environment for our survivors and provides a comfortable retail space for our customers, allowing us to host events all year round. These improvements would allow us better serve our survivor employees and help to sustain our business so we can help even more women in the future. The Delores Barr Weaver Fund will be helping us fundraise by matching the grant up to $12,500. That means whatever donation you give, it will be doubled!  For example, your $500 turns into $1000!  We have until 6/15 to raise the money.  Please help us create a beautiful space for transformation! These structural modifications would enable us to have the capacity to hire up to eight more women this year.  

We need your help to take this next step.

Rethreaded is a registered 5013c and all donations are tax deductible.  

With much Hope,
Kristin Keen


The budget for these modifications is as follows:  

Mezzanine storage 

Glass doors in front and back of building

Outdoor awnings

5-ton A/C unit

Electrical work for the A/C unit

Stackable industrial washer and dryer

General improvements (i.e: signage, shelving, etc...











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