Snack Attack

 When you give the Snack Attack Box, you'll become your co-workers' favorite person and change lives! Choose three snacks from our selection of delicious gourmet treats that are guaranteed to indulge any snack craving. We have everything from crunchy plantain chips to sweet and chewy raspberry gummy fish. Mix and match to satisfy sweet and savory fans alike. Our personal favorite is the Coffee Toffee, every flavor is made from survivor produced ingredients! Each box comes with a customizable note, to show how much you care! 

    • Choose three from the following: 
      • 3 oz. Chilli Mango Slices 
      • 2.6 oz. Mango Pomegranate Coconut Bites 
      • 1.6 oz. Chilli Plantain Chips 
      • 3 oz.Toffee 
        • Choose between: Coffee, Chai, or Honey Butter Toffee 
      • 3.6 oz. Raspberry Gummy Fish 
    • 4”x 5.25” Personalized Note Card 
    • Freedom Partner: Women’s Bean Project. Women’s Bean project creates impactful work and life skills training for women chronically underemployed in Denver, Colorado. 

With each box purchase, you are renewing hope for a survivor of human trafficking. 





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